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Be a guest at your own party while you accept the compliments from your happy guests

"Hi Susie,

Thank you again for the wonderful food, staffing and all the extras Catering Unlimited did for our anniversary party. You made it all seem effortlessly done and with smiles too! Our friends are still talking about it and saying how great the food, food service and bar service were.

Randi & David Adler

Number 1:

BARTENDERS ONLY Ė please bear in mind that we donít make any revenues from your bar.

The client purchases all the products required for the bar including ice.

CUís uniformed, professional bartenders arrive with corkscrews, ice pan/scoops, bottle openers, cocktail napkins, garnish bowls, container for bar top white wine, and smiles.

Each bartender is at $25.00/Hr. For example from 4:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m would be $150.00. The bartender will hand over all the proceeds, if yours is a cash bar, organize leftovers/empties and do the bar cleanup.  All the leftovers, including empties will be your responsibility to take away. If you are having a cash bar you will set the prices for drinks and provide a minimum float of $300.00.  Special Occasion Liquor License Application is at this link.

Number 2:


Catering Unlimited purchases everything, including the alcohol, and provides the service.

If you are using this option will it be a complimentary bar or are you charging for the drinks?
If you are having a cash bar all the proceeds would be turned over to your designated person at the end of the reception. Catering Unlimited makes no revenues from your bar. You will provide a cash float (minimum of $300) and decide on the price of drinks.

With this option, Catering Unlimited as your agent, can purchase the alcohol, soft drinks, juices, bottled water, ice and etcetera as well as set up the bar, do the service and of course, the cleanup. It can all be added to your invoice in this way: The price of the alcohol plus 25% handling fee. Mixes/water/ice & other bar supplies/equipment are at $3.50 per person. Professional uniformed bartenders will be used at the rate quoted above. All you have to do is print out the Special Occasion Liquor License Application at this link. On the bottom of page one, appoint (Events) Catering Unlimited as your agent and use my name, Susan McDonell, as the Name of Individual. Mail or email the application back to us and we'll handle the rest!

Number 3:


Updated February 2015

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